Administrative assistant


Зарплата: от 50 000 рублей в месяц

Регион работы: Иркутск, Leontjevsky pereulok, 9

Описание вакансии, обязанности
Описание вакансии

under the overall guidance and supervision of the responsible officer, the administrative assistant is responsible for providing technical and programme support in an independent manner, and is assigned part or all of the following responsibilities:

office administration
provide assistance to the implementation of the programme activities, namely develop, support and assist with the organization of the meetings and activities of the un tg on hiv/aids, seminars, workshops, training sessions, drafting note for the record, meeting minutes, agendas, hand-outs for the meeting, as required; prepare and/or coordinate the preparation of field visits for the missions in cooperation with programme, ngos and government departments, including drafting agendas and supporting documents for the ucc and other professional staff missions; maintaining programme/project files for completed and on-going activities, projects and regional projects, together with electronic archive of project documents and reports, as well as records, documents and control plans for the monitoring of project/programme implementation.

research, collect and compile statistical and other information from government offices, ngos and international organizations and background information for use in discussions with the government and other organizations in support of technical activities of the unaids office, and disseminating data and information, as required.

provide administrative and general secretarial support, including but not limited to screening and distributing incoming correspondence and documents; drafting and finalizing correspondence on own initiative or as instructed; processing and following-up on requests to and issues with governmental institutions, national and international organizations, associations, network of people living with hiv (plhiv), un agencies and other partners in the country.

within the delegation of authority, liaise with officials from cosponsors and other partners on issues related to the involvement of civil society in hiv/aids response, collaboration between un agencies, national and international partners and civil society.

serve as focal point for all hr matters, financial matters and security matters, including but not limited to ensure that all staff and visitors receive basic and advanced training on security in the field, and/or training on hf and vhf radio, and facilitate briefing on the security situation by the country undss, when appropriate; process and/or oversee the processing of security clearance authorizations for staff travel; the ongoing update of security logs (country moss, emergency contact list, radio code, etc.), monitoring the un system radio calls on a weekly basis, and ensuring that staff member are identified and in touch with their supervisor.

brief and provide guidance to general service staff assigned to the office, answering enquiries concerning administrative and financial rules and procedures, providing advice on and/or resolving problems on an ongoing basis.
in compliance with unaids financial rules and reporting policies, maintain and monitor financial records for the country office, ensuring accuracy of budget lines, records, receipts, payments, balances, expenditures and other data for day-to-day transactions, including but not limited to reviewing financial documents to record and reconcile expenditures, balances, payments, statement of accounts and other records for the day-to-day transactions and reports; selecting and entering data from a wide variety of sources, verifying accuracy and checking sources, making necessary calculations and ensuring the inclusion of all relevant data; identifying discrepancies in accounts and drawing the attention of and/or seeking advice from the supervisor and/or other staff members.

draft monthly and/or ad hoc reports for budget preparation and audits, and the preparation of annual budget, liaising with undp on procedures and regulations pertaining to the financial reporting.

brief and assist staff on basic financial procedures and requirements with respect to payments, entitlements, banking and currency control provisions and other requirements relating to accounts and finance, providing advice on appropriate procedures to be observed by unaids and other un offices in the disbursement of funds as well provides guidance on the proper monitoring and effective utilization/handling of funds and other financial issues.

perform other related duties as assigned, including replacing and/or backstopping for others.

Опыт работы по профилю от 8 лет

Образование: Высшее

essential: completion of secondary school, complemented by secretarial and administrative training, including icdl (international computer driving licence) core certification
desirable: higher education; training or good knowledge of accounting practices.
essential: a minimum of eight to nine years’ experience in secretarial and/or administrative positions, including experience in dealing with administrative issues, combined with experience in unaids or who, including knowledge of its rules and procedures.
essential: excellent knowledge of the official language of the duty station and the local language (where the local language is not an official language).
desirable: knowledge of another un official language
functional/technical knowledge/skills
demonstrated knowledge and skills with computer packages. sound knowledge of un secretarial and administrative rules, regulations, procedures and practices.
knowledge of un security procedures.
ability to multitask and work under pressure.

— Постоянная, полный день, работа на территории работодателя
— Оплата сотовой связи
— Корпоративное обучение и тренинги

Dead-line for applications – November 28, 2012

Контактное лицо:Ольга Мочалова (495) 663-67-86
 Размещено 30.10.12
20 ноября 2012
Судебный пристав по обеспечению установленного порядка деятельности судов

Зарплата: от 35 000 рублей в месяц + бонусы

Регион работы: Иркутск, Бутырский вал, д.5, м. Белорусская

Описание вакансии, обязанности
Описание вакансии

Обеспечение безопасности судей, заседателей, участников судебного процесса и свидетелей в судах, обеспечение безопасности зданий судов.

20 ноября 2012
Помощник руководителя

Зарплата: от 25 000 до 30 000 рублей в месяц

Регион работы: Иркутск, м. Охотный ряд

Описание вакансии, обязанности
Описание вакансии

Помощник руководителя

· Возраст от 23 лет, муж.
· Н/высшее, высшее образование, предпочтительно юридическое

20 ноября 2012
Ведущий специалист-эксперт

Зарплата: от 18 000 рублей в месяц + бонусы

Регион работы: Иркутск, Академика Анохина, 20А, м. Юго-Западная

Описание вакансии, обязанности
Описание вакансии

- Поиск и перевод международной методологии по актуарной и страховой тематике;
- Разработка актуарных требований к определению характеристик развиттия пенсионной системы;

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   Рожанская Марина

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   Клещинская Елена
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